Commercial Construction Services

Lakewood Construction Custom Built Home

Lakewood Construction Associates, Ltd., is an Ohio based company that provides quality and affordable light Commercial Construction services to the Central Ohio area, including Medical Building Construction and Remodel, Office Building Construction and Remodel, Store Front Build Outs and Land Development.

We believe that we provide the best value to the client due to our experience, attention to detail and our demand for quality. Delivering a quality product and establishing long lasting relationships is paramount with our firm.

Our goal is to ensure that the client has received the end result he expected, and is completely satisfied with the quality of work delivered. If we are able to do this, then the project has been thoroughly successful.

We believe that we have been hired to take care of the client’s construction needs completely, to protect the financial interests of our clients, and to deliver the best possible facility available in the market today.

Your project will be staffed with an experienced and qualified superintendent that will be dedicated to your project. He will be there each day for the duration of the project and until your satisfaction has been achieved. He is responsible to coordinate subcontractors, control quality, and run an efficient and cost effective project.

Please contact Lakewood today via our contact form or by telephone at 614-633-9995 with questions or for additional information.